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Posera-HDX Ltd. develops, deploys, and supports software solutions that facilitate all aspects of the business transaction between a restaurant and the restaurant's customer. Whether you require point-of-sale solutions, payment solutions, integrated digital video surveilance with POS data text insertion, labour scheduling, menu management and data mining, labour scheduling, enterprise management, or ATM's, Posera-HDX has a solution to suit your needs.

With offices in Canada, the United States, Europe, and the U.K., Posera-HDX Ltd. has deployed solutions in over twenty countries.

HDX Fingerprints Touchscreen POS Drive-Thru Order Confirmation Screen Labour Scheduling

The "Fingerprints" Quick Service Restaurant point-of-sale solution by HDX is ideal for busy Quick Service Restaurants.

Whether your restaurant's specialty is Coffee and Baked Goods, Burgers and Grill, or Yogurt and Desserts, the Fingerprints solution will enhance your client service and maximize customer throughput.

With deployments of over one thousand sites, HDX has managed multi-store rollouts customized to meet the overall chain requirements as well as individual location needs.

HDX provides our customers with responsive coast to coast helpdesk and onsite support.

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The Maitre 'D point-of-sale solution has been deployed at over 20,000 restaurants around the world. Utilized in over twenty countries and translated in eight languages, this award winning solution manages restaurants with one location to chains with over four hundred and fifty locations.

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HDX offers a full line of interated and non-integrated electronic payment solutions.

Our payment solutions include credit card processing, debit card processing, and private branded gift card and loyalty solutions.

Our payment solutions are PCI-PADSS certified, and EMV/Chip & PIN certified.

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HDX offers customer self service kiosks than can drastically improve customer service and customer throughput at your restaurant.

Rather than waiting in line, your client can order items "A La Carte" or swipe their customer gift card and select their meal from up to 6 favorite meals than they have previously saved.

This system offloads cashier load, increases order accuracy, and promotes sales of your gift cards.

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Scheduling your team accuratley can make the difference between happy and unhappy customers

Ensure you have the right manpower balance to provide quality service while preserving employee morale and maximizing monetary efficiency.

The HDX Hyperscheduler is a web based, monthly subscription, labour scheduling module that ties into your POS system data. This allows management to review and accuratley schedule their team for busy periods and slower periods. By removing just $40 per day in wasted labour, the average restaurant will save over $1,000 per month.
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